Saturday, October 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I don't travel for business as much as I used to. When I traveled more frequently, my boys were much younger. Back then, I would return from a trip and they would greet me with a curious look, similar to the blank stare offered by our cats, as if to say, "Oh, hey. Were you gone?" Now that they're older, they actually miss me, and I return home to greater fanfare.

Speaking of fanfare, we fielded Buffalo's fair share in Nashville. Folks from everywhere from Washington State to Washington, DC raved about Buffalo's amazing "resources" (preservation-speak for "historic buildings") and offered congratulations for landing the Trust's 2011 conference. On our unseasonably chilly ride home from the airport, we marveled with new appreciation at the astounding motion picture of Buffalo's architecture, imagining the fanfare that will accompany the arrival of 3,000 preservationists to our fair city in 2011.

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