Thursday, October 15, 2009

News from Nashville - SurveyLA

We just attended a great session on Los Angeles' citywide historic resource survey project. Dubbed "SurveyLA" (, the project will catalogue each structure built between 1865 and 1980 within LA's 466 square mile boundary. To cover the 880,000 tax parcels within the city limits, the city's historic preservation commission has devised a high-tech system to evaluate and catalogue its buildings, including a cutting edge property documentation program that will be loaded onto roaming surveyors' computer tablets. It is an ambitious program that will endow the city with a comprehensive historic structure database that can be used for preservation, planning and even earthquake aftermath management. City officials may even license the computer surveying program so that other cities don't need to reinvent the wheel with their own survey programs. What a fantastic tool that could be for older cities like Buffalo.

Now off to a session on Mid-Century Modernism . . .

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