Thursday, March 10, 2011

Introducing Our Interns (and a Call for Volunteers)

We are very fortunate to be hosting two historic preservation interns from Daemen College this semester. Meghan Allen and Jessica Burke are history majors who completed Introduction to Historic Preservation last semester (check out their bios Their initiative (and the stewardship of History Department chair Laurie Walsh) led to a Public History internship with our firm that will expose the students to a broad range of historic preservation activities. Most notably, Meghan and Jessica will contribute heavily to our all-volunteer Hamlin Park National Register Historic District Project.

Speaking of which, we will begin surveying the Hamlin Park historic district in April, with training sessions occurring immediately before each survey day. If you are interested in volunteering, please see the following press release for more information -


Call for Volunteers - National Register District Nomination Program for Hamlin Park (RESCHEDULED):

Preservation Studios (, in a pro bono role, is currently working on behalf of the Hamlin Park Taxpayers Association to gain listing in the National Register of Historic Places for the Hamlin Park Historic District. If we are successful, residents and businesses in the approved historic district could be eligible for historic preservation benefits, such as restoration tax incentives and, in certain instances, grants.

Like the campaign that led to the local historic district nearly two decades ago, pursuit of National Register listing for the only local historic district on Buffalo’s Eastside will be a community-based, volunteer-driven effort. If you are interested in volunteering to assist with the nomination effort, we have rescheduled mandatory training sessions and fieldwork days for this coming spring. Below is a revised schedule for both events:

Training Sessions Fieldwork Day

3/31/2011, 6-7pm @ Preservation Studios’ Office

4/2/2011, 11am-1pm @ EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe

4/14/2011, 6-7pm @ Preservation Studios’ Office

4/16/2011, 11am-1pm @ EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe

4/28/2011, 6-7pm @ Preservation Studios’ Office

4/30/2011, 11am-1pm @ EM Tea Coffee Cup Cafe

*There will be more opportunities in the future to assist with the survey.

Training Sessions Location: Preservation Studios - 257 Lafayette Avenue, Suite #3, Buffalo, NY 14213

Fieldwork Location: EM Tea Coffee Cup - 80 Oakgrove Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14208

All training sessions will take place at Preservation Studios’ Office the Thursday before that Saturday’s fieldwork event. The training session will run an hour in length and will demonstrate the proper way to fill out the survey form among other related topics.

All fieldwork days will begin at EM Tea Coffee Cup Café, located in the Hamlin Park neighborhood. From EM Tea, groups of volunteers will canvass specific areas of the Hamlin Park neighborhood collecting information and photographs. The survey will be preformed from the sidewalk and is limited to an exterior visual analysis of each property. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Preservation Studios at 716-725-6410 or online at

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your assistance with this great community effort.

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