Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elmwood Village Historic District Meeting Tonight, 9/18

A final meeting about the Elmwood Village Historic District will be held tonight, Tuesday 9/18, at 7PM at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church, specifically geared toward businesses and commercial interests.

The meeting is the third in the last month, and will be hosted by representatives of the State Historic Preservation Office, Preservation Buffalo Niagara, as well as Preservation Studio's Jason Yots.

While the two previous meetings were mostly for residents both within and without the proposed boundary (See: Map), this last meeting is targeting businesses and commercial properties in the potential district.

The main focus will be to demonstrate how the district could be utilized by commercial properties, specifically in getting historic tax credits from the State and Federal government, though residents who have similar questions should feel more than welcome to attend the event.

In order to simplify the process, Preservation Studios has prepared a simple questionnaire for individuals who may have eligible properties. You can find an online version of the form here.

For general information regarding claims for Historic Homeowner Rehabilitation Tax Credits, be sure to see this online PDF with frequently asked questions, as well as instructions for how to proceed with claims.

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