Thursday, September 6, 2012

Niagara Street Public Meeting

On Wednesday September 12th, there will be a public meeting at the Rich Renaissance Center concerning the future of Niagara Street. 

Hosted by Vision Niagara, Partners for a Livable Western New York, and the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning, the meeting is planned as an open-ended discussion about the new "Green Code" city ordinance and how it affects local residents in the area from Busti Ave through Scajaquada Creek. 

The Buffalo Geen Code is the city's attempt to implement strategies outlined in the 2006 "Queen City of the 21st Century" development plan. The goal of the program is to ultimately drive growth and revitalization at the local level, focusing on public space and community needs. Noting that Buffalo is "The City of No Illusions," the new ordinance realizes that some of Buffalo's most successful revitalization efforts, Elmwood and Allentown for instance, have been driven by local residents and not by the sweeping renewal projects that the city has pursued in the past. 

The meeting on Wednesday will be a great opportunity for residents to voice some of their ideas concerning how they would like to improve the neighborhood, and all views are welcome. For more information, contact Barbara Rowe at 716-881-2570, or at

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