Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Homesteading in Hamlin Park

By Jason Yots

I was honored to be asked to say a few words today at an event announcing the homesteading of the Lyth Cottage at 16 Hargrove Place. Located in the Hamlin Park historic district, 16 Hargrove was acquired by a young homesteader named Matthew Newton, who plans to renovate the property for his home. As a condition of the $1.00 transfer from the City of Buffalo, Newton is required to remain an owner-occupant for at least 5 years. Judging from Matthew's passion and enthusiasm for the house and the neighborhood, that seems like a fairly safe bet.

Built in 1886, the Lyth Cottage housed servants of John Lyth, a Buffalo industrialist whose family lived at 183 Northland Avenue (to the north). The building has been vacant and endangered for many years, so today's announcement about Newton's plans must be sweet news to his soon-to-be-fellow Hamlin Park residents.

For more info about the Lyth Cottage, please visit David Torke's Fix Buffalo blog -

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