Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confirming a Cold History

By Jason Wilson - Quick introduction before I get started, I'm the other Jason in our office - Jason Wilson. I joined Preservation Studios in September 2009 as a full-time preservation specialist after graduating from UB's School of Architecture & Planning in May. I'm responsible for researching the eligibility of properties for historic status and completing various applications that come through our office for our clients. As mentioned in an earlier post by Jay, I am in the process of converting a vintage General Electric fridge into a Kegerator for the office. In an effort to actually date our vintage, brew-despensing, beauty I dug up some old GE appliance advertisements and here's what I found: An ad entitled "The Right One to Buy Today!" which appeared in the May 1st, 1949 edition of Women's Day is an advertisement for the 'new, great 1949 General Electric Space Marker Refrigerator'. Although the model in the ad doesn't match ours, some elements - like the internal freezer and signature door latch are present. In another advertisement from exactly a year later published in the June 1st, 1950 edition of Woman's Day entitled "Another G-E First! General Electric's Alnico Magnetic Door!" gives us some more clues to the age of our fridge. First off, NO signature door latch! The new model being advertised has a magnetic door that replaces the function of the door latch. Also advertised is the new Redi-Cube Ice Trays & Vegetable Rolla-Drawers; our fridge DOES have both elements. So based on these old advertisements and my observations, it looks like our fridge is older than the 1950's model but young enough to have some of the new elements from the 1950's advertisement. 1949 sounds about right! The kegerator will be used to 'fuel' our bi-weekly Happy Hours for our friends, family & clients. If you are interest in checking out the new office or our vintage GE feel free to shoot me an email - JasonWilson@PreservationStudios.com Special thanks to Buffalo Reuse (for saving this beauty for reuse) & their ReSource (for making it possible to purchase a vintage fridge for under $60!) on Northhampton Street - www.buffaloreuse.org Special thanks to Barrel Ride Brewing Company for providing us with their delicious Pickle Barrel Porter - www.barrelridebrewing.com Vintage Ads courtesy of - http://graphic-design.tjs-labs.com

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