Friday, February 12, 2010

Pierce Arrow Through My Heart

I haven't posted in far too long, but I have a good excuse. We've been converting a 1940s GE fridge into a Kegerator (just kidding - Jason Wilson won't tackle that until this wekeend). But we have been busy preserving buildings and such, which can be a lot of work too, you know.

In any event, as I posted earlier, we recently relocated from our offices in the Pierce Arrow Building to fancy new digs at 257 Lafayette Avenue. In moments of weakness, though, I miss our old Pierce Arrow space, with its pesky leaks and red ants and industrial grade paper towels. Still, for all of its warts, the landmark Pierce Arrow also had its charms, and we felt right at home mere days after moving in.
So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, here's a little slideshow of my favorite Pierce Arrow things:

1. From glassmakers to commercial artists to ballerinas to rock bands, the Pierce Arrow just oozed artistry on so many levels. Daily inspiration.

2. Listening to The Reign of Kindo rehearse. These guys are amazingly talented musicians.

3. Enormous, original windows that open and close. What a concept.

4. Enormous, original radiators that heat enormous rooms (without ductwork). What a concept.

5. No-rules guerilla parking.

6. Using the rusted fire escape as our primary egress.

7. The fact that every tenant directory in the building listed a different tenant for our suite, but not one of them was us (and yet, somehow, people still found us).

8. Ambiguous signage, such as our favorite: "Do not put your garbage in this can. This is only for your trash."

9. Knowing that dozens of former tenants still hold keys to Suite 201, and that we've joined their ranks.

Jason Yots

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